Killeen Studio Home Architects

Our Philosophy
We are a no nonsense architectural team that you can trust.

Our residential division is close, detail-oriented team, catering to individual clients with high expectations in both design and budget. Our process is simple, yet very effective. We listen. We provide preliminary plans of our clients' dreams. We confirm budget expectations with our contractor friends. We provide working drawings to bring the dream to reality. We are an ally for the home owner during the construction process. We are there for the home owner after construction as needed.


Our Expertise
New Homes, Additions, Renovations and Permitting

We excel at designing unique spaces that are affordable, energy efficient and creative. For over twenty years, we have specialized in planning new homes, additions and renovations, and historical rehabilitations. We are experts in working with municipalities in the St. Louis and Metro East to streamline the building permit process, meet local regulations, and utilize incentive programs.

Green Building Practices
Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Design and Adaptive Reuse

The most sustainable way to build a city is to reuse existing structures, especially those in already dense urban areas. In the context of St. Louis, this means utilizing our city's historic structures and the resources inherent in an existing building. Killeen Studio specializes in such historic preservation and adaptive reuse projects. Additionally, we adhere to other concepts critical to create a sustainable future: energy efficiency, local products, density, building orientation, recycled materials and creating pedestrian friendly neighborhoods.

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Residential Design Process

1. Project Planning

From brainstorming to ground breaking and construction, Killeen Home can provide services for every phase of the process. Your relationship with your architect begins with a free collaborative planning meeting, from which we will draft a proposal outlining the scope of the project, and providing a cost estimate.

2. Design

Our policy is to work hand-in-hand with our clients, in order to fully understand your vision while developing an affordable, sustainable design solution. Our architects can provide sketches, 3D Modeling, computers illustrations and animations as we meet with out clients to finalize the design.

3. Pricing

We ask one of our contracting partners to establish a budget price. If the design needs to be adjusted to stay within budget, we can quickly tweak it.Construction Documents

We will produce comprehensive construction documents. These are drawings and specifications needed for bidding, permitting and construction. Our planning documents are highly detailed, and you will benefit from our experience on hundreds of successfully completed projects.

4. Post-Design Services

  • Bidding: We distribute documents to contractors and assist you with the bidding process
  • Permitting: We help your contractor to acquire a building permit.
  • Construction Assistance: We can be there to make sure the project is properly built.

Commitment to Quality

We value our long term relationship with our customers. We are committed to providing the best possible service for your project. Killeen Studio is a small firm and our reputation in our most important asset.

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